Saturday, February 25, 2012

I  went shopping for food today and raisins were on my list of things to buy. I have a sweeth tooth so instead of eating goodies like, candy, or cookies I decided raisins were a good alternative. They are on my alkaline list as well. In case you don't know I am also working to get gmos labeled on our food because 70% of foods in grocery stores are gentically modified...bad news...but I will post ab...out that another time.

Anyways, imagine my surprise when I was in Sprouts bulk food section (where I bought my raisins two weeks ago) and read the ingredients label above the raisin bin "Thompson raisins, canola oil". What???? Canola oil???? I found the clerk in charge of the bulk section and asked her if the canola oil in the raisins are non-gmo...she had no idea. Shame on you Sprouts! You claim to offer healthy food choices and you are no different than conventional markets!

I left Sprouts without raisins and went to Trader Joes. When I shop, I usually go to both stores so I didn't specifically go there just to find raisins, but they had exactly what I was looking Thompson oil of any kind. I also found a bag of sweetened dried cranberries; sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic safflower oil.

Moral of this story? Read all labels! Buyer beware! Even in so-called healthfood stores!

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