Monday, February 20, 2012

I have been looking back on different "anniversaries" from last year and really thinking about where I was mentally at that time. Sometimes it's hard because I don't remember things as clearly as I would like because of the pain killers and treatments (chemo and radiation). I do remember though that I was adamant about not hearing or saying the cancer word and instead called it the c-word. I refused to let cancer define who I was. I also wanted to keep things as normal as possible. Someone recommended I go to a support group, but I was never a support group kinda gal, even when I was having trouble keeping -my-shit-together when my dad died over 20 years ago. I preferred talking with someone alone or just looking for self-help books and journaling my thoughts. I wanted to remain as positive as I could. Like I said before, I knew even when I got the news, I knew I would be ok. I have to be honest though, there were times I felt frustrated at my situation, but I still didn't let myself hang around that pity zone for long. Instead I focused on what I was grateful for.

John and I watched 50-50 last night. In case you never heard of it, it's about a 27 year old man who gets cancer. The official name is too long for me to remember but in my book cancer is cancer...they all suck! The movie was pretty good and was a good depiction of what someone goes through while in treatment. I recommend it. It is uplifting.

eat your fruits & veggies!   xo    Inge

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