Friday, February 17, 2012

I did some gorilla food shopping today and loaded up on veggies. I have a 5 pound of organic spuds in the frig that I would like to eat this week so, I was thinking of making baked potatoes, salad and some fabulous veggie on the side... well, one of the things I loved putting on my potatoes before I was vegan was sour cream. A few months I ago I discovered fake sour cream, made from soybean, so ...I added that to my shopping list.

I was in Sprouts putting the fake sour cream (Tofutti brand) in my shopping cart when I thought to myself...fake sour cream made from soy beans...gmos or non-gmos? I read the label at least 5 times...hoping to find the words non-gmo or at least organic anywhere on that label...nothing...nada..zilch! Back on the shelf it went. I would have to wait until I researched it on the net.

Back home I looked up Tofutti sour cream and sure enough it could not be confirmed that it was definitely gmo free. Their website did say that some their products are mostly gmo free...they actually have a variety of vegan stuff, but since they are not gmo free, I will no longer buy their products. I am really bummed about that, now I have to find something else to make my potatoes fabulous.

I also learned something... I have to constantly be on my toes when I am shopping...just because it is vegan or says natural...doesn't mean its healthy.

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