Friday, March 23, 2012

James took me to his work today. He works for EMI/Capitol Records in Hollywood. I had a great time. Later that day we went with his co-workers to The Rainbow Bar & Grill. What a "scene" that place was! All the male customers looked like they were in a band...tatts, long hair, torn jeans, bandanas, and baseball caps worn sideways. The women who were mostly "bottle" blondes looked like what you would expect a "rocker" would hang out with....young, busty and skinny.  The place is known for it's  pizza, so I plan to write the owner and tell him to add a vegan pizza...I know there are plenty of people in the "industry" who are vegans...heck I'll even let him name it after me! I did find a garden burger on the menu and that was pretty good.

eat your fruits & veggies!    xo   Inge

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