Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's chilly and rainy outside...a good day to just relax, watch movies and make my version of a veggie stew. This is not vegan because butter is one of the ingredients in this Trader Joe's veggie mix. I plan to copy the ingredient list and make it homemade with vegan butter. I like to use Nature Balance soy butter.  This particlar meal was easy to prepare. I stir-fried organic potatoes for about 5 minutes in my wok (I LOVE my wok and use it all the time! If you don't have one...get one..they cook your food so much faster and the food tastes better)   When the potatoes look brown add the veggies, lower flame (if you have a gas stove) or just lower heat, cover wok and simmer until veggies are almost soft but still crunchy...turn off stove and leave covered for about 5 more minutes. The idea is to let it continue to cook from the steam.

I also made a know I did! I make one everyday! Today I threw in kale, broccoli stems, mixed berries, banana, a sliver of ginger (it's cold outside and I need some heat for my tummy) and orange juice.

Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday. and eat your fruits & veggies!   xo Inge

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