Sunday, January 20, 2013

Homemade Hand Sanitzer

I use alcohol based hand sanitizers alot. I keep a bottle in my car and always use the wipes available outside the grocery stores to wipe down my cart. Lately though my hands are constantly dry...maybe its the cold weather. I don't know but I do know I don't like dry hands, so I scoured the net to find out if there is something better than store bought to sanitize my hands. Its not only cheaper but I know whats in the product. I do not want to be exposed to anything toxic anymore.

Washing with soap and water is always my first choice but its not convenient if I am out running errands. I found one that is easy to make and works:

Here's the recipe:

4 oz. Aloe Vera Gel
1/2 tblsp. Witch Hazel
1 Vitamin E Capsule (poke hole in it)
essential oil -- (optional) you pick your favorite fragrance

Mix together aloe vera and witch hazel. Squeeze vitamin E capsule into mixture. Stir up more and pour ingredients into a bottle. I just use the empty sanitizer bottle from the store bought one. That's it!

I found this recipe on this site...they have other helpful tips you might find interesting...

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