Tuesday, August 21, 2012

These past ten days have been going non-stop but I finally came back up for air. I don't know if I mentioned
before that I have a slight case of OCD (my diagnosis) and when I get focused on something I am
passionate about, I think about it 24/7-even in my sleep. Being a cancer survivor, I know this is not good for me. I have to have balance and that goes for all of us, not just survivors. Maybe if we all
had more balance in our lives we wouldn't get sick or at least get well faster.

These days we rush around like maniacs and for what? To be the first one to sit at a red light?  Sit at a computer all day and then rush home to fix dinner for the family, help the kids with homework, then stare at a computer at night to see whats happening on facebook, or play "words the friends" or watch housewives from (you name the city) fight and be rude to each other. Then spend the weekends catching up on housework, taking the kids to endless activities, and on and on.

Where is the "down" time. The quiet time where one can just de-stress. We were told these expensive electronic gadgets would make our lives better but in my opinion its made us more impatient and rushed. For example, I was at a party the other day. I watched some guests playing roulette and someone complained the ball took too long to go around the wheel! Can you imagine! Its a game and no one was going anywhere, but the ball was taking to long to go around the wheel!

All this impatience adds to stress and stress not only creates body fat but it creates DISEASE! Like cancer! We need to "chill out!" And that includes me. I was talking with a patient yesterday who is 77
years old, but looks around 60ish. He defintely looks better than alot of men in the 50s and he survived cancer. He was getting some fluids because of the intense heat we are experiencing (thats a whole other topic) but even with that he looked great.

He told me when he was diagnosed with cancer he changed his whole life. He thought he was living a healthy lifestyle since he was 19 but there was things in his diet that he could do without and that was meat. We agreed that today's meat is NOT the same as it was 20 years ago. He has been cancer free for one year just like me. He starts his day with stretches and lifts small weights. He told me that we really don't need to spend all that money at a gym because we have all we need right at home. We can walk for 20 minutes right around our neighborhood and as for weights we can use bottled waters or large canned goods. We can use chairs or counters to help us stretch. He also does some Tai Chi.

Our conversation really got me to thinking. I was meant to meet Phil. I am also guilty of falling off the "take care of Inge" wagon. I was not stretching as much as I should. I need to walk more everyday. I am not meditating a few minutes every day anymore. Yes, I am sticking to my vegan diet but food is not the only thing we need to be aware of to stay healthy. We are whole beings. My cats are good teachers. They know how to relax. I need to get back on track. And I am starting today. I have no excuse for not taking time out for me at least one hour  day.

How about you? What are you doing for you to feel healthy, to de-stress? If you have kids it's time to delegate. Have them load the dish washer, help fix dinner, help clean the house. They may not do as good a job as you, but that's where you need to "chillout". So the house is a little dusty, the floors
 aren't mopped exactly like you would do it. And get hubby involved, he can take the kids to soccer or ballet or swimming. Turn off the television a few nights a week. Read that book, meditate. Get a foot massge. In other words take care of yourself and get off the "crazy train" for a while! Your body will thank you.

and don't forget to eat your fruits and veggies!    xo  Inge

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