Friday, August 31, 2012

Have you heard of the website Purpose Fairy? They have a facebook page as well. I think thats where I found them. Anyway they have lots of good advice how to live a happy life. Actually lots of this stuff, in my opinion is stuff we already know, but I think its easily forgotten. Lets face it, the world is crazy these days. I think its always been that way - depending on who you ask,  but now more of us seem to be feeling the crazy vibes. Its easy to get depressed and fall into 'victim' mode.

Cancer made me realize that I am tougher than I ever thought I was. I refuse to call myself a victim, no matter what. I am a warrior. It also made me re-examine who I am. My core is the same, but I was hiding it alot of the time. These days I speak my mind, stand my ground, love openly and do the things I want to do now, instead of waiting for 'someday'  to do them.  None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. None of us! I want to live my life with no regrets the best I can, and thats the topic of todays Purpose Fairy.

This is their website

don't forget to eat your fruits and veggies!    xo  Inge

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