Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I helped get the Label GMOs on the ballot in California. I know that the corporations who make their living selling gm foods will spend millions of dollars in the next few months to scare people from voting yes to have their foods labeled. I plan to post any articles I can get my hands on to educate those people who don't know what genetically modified foods are. Please copy and share to help spread the word. We are up against a ruthless group, with Monsanto leading the pack. Vermont  legislators recently changed their mind to mandate labeling products that contain gmos, when Monsanto threatened to sue the state. If gmos were safe then why not label them?

I am a firm believer that I got cancer from the foods I ate and that's why I am such an advocate for healthy food. If I can't get organic, I try my best to not eat gm foods, which are harder to determine because they are not labeled. I just read that tomatoes are no longer gm...

Another article confirms that in order to stay healthy, we should stay way from gm foods

Here is a link that confirms scientifically that gmos are bad for us

eat your fruits and veggies!    xo  Inge

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