Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have not been blogging for a while because I am working on the Prop 37 Initiative. Its the California Right to Know Prop...You know GMOs and we want them labeled. Please tell me you know what a GMO is.  If it is in 30 seconds.  Its food that has been injected with anything from viruses to shrimp to insecticide. Its defintiely not your old fashioned playing around with its crossbreeding things that do not belong together! And if you eat 70% processed foods, you are eating it...everyday. Anything that contains soy, corn, canola, soon to be sugar beets all are GMO unless they are organic and even those have to be stamped 100% USDA certified.

The problem is this...GMOs are not independently tested. Monsanto will not allow it claiming they are afraid someone will steal their precious patent. Really? Monsanto is the one acting like a drug cartel. Heres the deal. Lets say farmer A agrees to sign this ridiculous contract to only buy Monsanto seed and RoundUp (the 2 work together) and will never re-use GMOs seeds but buy new ones every year. Farmer B lives next door. He doesn't want GMO seeds but bees, birds, butterflies, the wind doing what they do naturally send pollen and seeds to Farmer B's crop, contaminating his field. Now if that isn't bad enough Monsanto's goon squad shows up to Farmer B's field, takes samples. sees that infact his crop contains GMOs, Monsanto then threatens Farmer B with a lawsuit if he doesn't pay them money for patent infrigment....and all this is LEGAL!!!

Thats why I am so involved with this Prop 37 campaign. You saw what happened in Vermont right? The legislature wanted their food labeled in their state and Monsanto heard about it, threatened to sue and the governemtn backed down. WSell, I am NOT backing down. I want it banned but I am told that labeling is the best we can do for now. 50 countries have labeling and dozens have a comeplete ban.

If you live in California here is a link so you can endorse this initiative. I added my name already...

And if you want to do more here is the link for that

And if you want to know why we are upset with Monsanto and others like them, Google Monsanto complaints and you will get at least a thousand links.

eat your fruits and veggies!   NON-GMO that is!   xo  Inge

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