Sunday, May 6, 2012

Someone posted the other day that they have been feeling tired lately so they got a B12 shot. The comments she received all revolved around the wonders of vitamins. I am the only one who mentioned that although B12 is probably good, rest is most important. When we get tired our body is telling us it needs to rest. We live in a society that somehow thinks we need to stay busy all the time and when we feel sick or tired we should just take a pill or shug down an "energy" drink. If you want to get sick, I mean really sick, keep ignoring your body's signals. People are walking around tired because they do not get enough sleep. They eat on the run. They multi-task. Americans seem to prefer taking a "magic' pill to stay healthy intead of changing their lifestyle.

I have been doing research about this and studies show that lack of proper rest increases the body's stress level. Increased stress level leads to disease and increased weight. Here is a link that explains in detail what I am getting at.

and eat your fruit & veggies!    xo   Inge

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