Friday, October 26, 2012

If you are going through cancer treatment right now, remember that its YOUR body that is sick. Ask as many questions that you want to your doctor to make sure you understand all your options. I meet so many people who don't ask their doctor or healthcare professional questions. You are going through one of the hardest things you will have to do in your life and not knowing what is happening is scary and unnecessary. No two people are alike when it comes to cancer treatment, even though they may have the same type of cancer. Don't hang around the internet to try to find answers there. Your doctor is here for you and wants to help you. He/she is your doctor not a mind reader. Yes, they see way too many patients, but forget that. Its all about you now and if you are unsure about anything ask questions. Getting straight forward answers will make you feel better. The unknown is always worse. Our minds love to create scenarios that do not exist. Having the facts will help you get through it. Knowledge is power.

So many people are walking around today that are surviving cancer and you will make it too, but that doesn't make it any less scarey. There are many support sysytems available for you. Take advantage of all resources. Most hospitals have social workers that specialize in cancer patients. They are there to help you. Ask your doctor to meet with one. The American cancer Society is another good resource.  Here is their link

That being said, I want to also say that keeping a positive attitude is critical. Its more than ok to feel mad, sad or scared but don't stay there for long. I had definitely had bad days and to help me get through it I wrote in a journal. I decided that I would not let cancer get the best of me and I pictured myself healthy. I also had a great support system.  I really found out who my friends were. Anyone that beat the drum of negativity I got rid of myself, not without prior warning though. The key to success is getting your mind right and preparing for battle. Having people around that complain or want to throw a constant "pity party" for you is not healthy. Tell them to take it somewhere else.

Cancer was the worst thing to happen to me and the best. Life is sweeter now and I listen to my body.
I am grateful everyday and I work hard to no longer " sweat the small stuff" because most of the things I focused my attention on in the past was small stuff. I learned I am much stronger than I ever thought and I am thankful for that. I can face anything now. You can too!

xo   Inge

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