Thursday, January 26, 2012

A friend sent me this article. I am not a fan of my coffee but it makes for interesting reading.
I mentioned before that I quit coffee when I was diagnosed, but I have been drinking it again since November...only a cup a day in the morning...ok, sometimes another at night when it's cold outside. There is something comforting about a cup of coffee...

Here's a link to find out more about phytochemicals and how they support the immune system
Want to know what the absolute best foods are to stay healthy?

eat your fruits & veggies!   xo  Inge

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Schuyler said...

Inge thanks for stopping by my blog, I can totally relate about your coffee habit. Look into morning thunder tea. It's a blend of black tea and mate that I found really satisfying. Course it's expensive and I usually drink coffee but it's quite pleasent